Oyster Indoor Bowls Club The Harbour Whitstable Kent CT5 1AB
Oyster Indoor Bowls Club        The Harbour          Whitstable      Kent CT5 1AB


Oyster Indoor Bowls Club 
The Harbour
Whitstable CT5 1AB

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History of The Oyster Indoor Bowls Club 

In early 1987 we had 200 bowlers who had been trying for a number of years obtain a building to rent, in order to set up a bowling club. Canterbury Council finally offer them the shell of a building, if we would be prepared to transform it into the club we required.

Having checked with the EIBA who agreed that if we had eight rinks end on they would be suitable for County and National Competitions, we decided to go ahead. Contractors were brought in and along with the Board of Manager and skilled members we went ahead with all the work that was needed to done. The original members had already paid £25 joining fee and once we had announced the club was going ahead another 300 members joined a large number of them loaned us £500 on a low interest rate to be paid back in ten years.

We were very much a Members Club and this meant no large bank loans to pay back. Made do with second-hand furniture, using the existing noisy boilers and small cloakrooms, the large room upstairs being made into our restaurant, but we had our club.

We opened on the 1st of October 1987 run under the Management name of The Canterbury and District IBA Ltd., the playing side as The Oyster IBC, members coming mainly from Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham. (now also come from outside these areas). Having recruited up to a thousand members the fixed payment of £25 then became a non- refundable affiliation fee. The Oyster Club continued to go from strength to strength run for members by volunteer members, the only paid members being our qualified Barman and catering staff. The Board of Management was proud that all members’ loans were paid back within eight years.

Improvement to the inside wall was paid for by one of our members, and overs the years the club replaced the carpets around the outside of the rinks and bar area, furniture around the playing area and in the bar placed secure cladding around the outside walls of the building, extended the cloakrooms and restaurant. Installed a new heating, air conditioning and lighting system.

The playing side of the club is run by the Playing Members Committee (PMC), Social Committee which runs various social evenings etc. A Board of Directors are responsible for the running of the building and finances, each of whom has a designated job.

We have Full, Junior and Social membership we are a friendly club and new members are welcome, we also run coaching classes for anyone interested in joining us

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